About Catarina

Catarina Lino

Hi lovely,

I’m Catarina Lino.

I’m a positive psychology coach, writer, trainer and big time optimist.

I hold a bachelor’s in Psychology, an Executive Masters in Positive Psychology and I’m a certified Life Coach and Yoga Medicine teacher.

Can you tell I love studying?

Give me a pile of books and you’ll see me happy as can be.

I wanted a platform with amazing psychology content, written in an engaging and easy to read way, with a touch of humor every now and there.

So I decided to create one.

In the hope that people who want to understand more about the thoughts and behaviors that lead to a great life, could share their own inspiration and connect with like-minded people.

So welcome, I love having you here.

Don’t be a stranger and say hi, leave a comment on the blog or drop me an email.