It’s Ok To Be Human, It Might Just Be….The Coolest Thing.

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On the obsession topic….

We’re infatuated with the idea of always and never.

Always smile…always be happy, always be positive, always be kind and grateful.

Never judge, never regret, never doubt, never fear, never criticize – by the way these are noble aspirations, nevertheless they’re not real or serving us.

I honestly, hardly even register them anymore, when I see or hear the words always or never, I zone out.

Because the only thing we’re always going to be is…human.

That’s it. Human.

Healthy people feel a wide range of emotions in response to different circumstances. No one is always happy, positive, grateful and uplifted. No one. (Really).

And everyone, no matter how evolved they are, feels sad, frustrated, angry, afraid and ashamed sometimes. How’s that for a relief?

Except for psychopaths. That by lacking the ability to experience some of these emotions are unable to connect with other people.

We created this illusion that, somehow our evolution comes from overcoming our humanity when it really comes from embracing it.

So that when we’re in the midst of these challenging emotions, we understand they’re just passing experiences. Traveling information to look at with curiosity and openness…but by no means statements of who we are or proof of what we should do.

Feeling sad because someone was an asshole to you doesn’t make you a negative person…. it makes you human.

Feeling frustrated because you’ve trying to take off a business with a partner that doesn’t do their fair share…doesn’t make you mean…it makes you human.

Regretting the time you were an asshole is what allows you to learn and make amends….still human here.

We can feed the illusion, or we can practice facing the challenging emotions with the awareness that… always is a limiting expectation that goes against the very nature of life.

Always is stagnant, limiting and lifeless.

Isn’t life movement? So as long as we’re living…there will always be more ways than always.

May we spark a revolution that meets our humanity with wider acceptance and compassion.

It’s ok to be human, in fact, it might just be the coolest thing.

(Just try not to be an asshole but forgive yourself for the times you couldn’t help it).

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