My Oh My… Isn’t Why a Beautiful Thing?

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A couple of years ago I asked this question to many of my yoga teachers.

Does it really matter why a student starts practicing yoga?

I studied different traditions, in different countries and saw many people come to yoga for purely physical reasons. As a workout, to improve posture and flexibility.

But I always believed, that regardless of the why that leads someone to a yoga mat, the realization that yoga is way more than just physical is inevitable.

I thought the why wasn’t really important as long as you practice.

I think I was wrong, then again, I might be wrong.

I mean, you can get away with it in some things. And practicing yoga is probably one of them.

But you can’t get away with an off why in the big things.

If I teach a class because I want to show off and look good, my students will have a mediocre class and I’ll be trapped in my head.

If I teach a class because I love yoga, I love teaching and few things make me happier than sharing what I love… Then I lose myself in it, I’m in sync with my breath, and my breath is in sync with theirs. I’m not in my head, I’m being and teaching and they feel it.  Such a great class for them, such an amazing experience for me.

On the nights I can’t sleep…. because words are dancing out of me, and they’re real and truthful,  and might very well serve others, I know I have to write. And my why is heart centered.

And so, I keep coming back to the importance of why.

Why do I want to teach? Why do I want to write? Why do I want to be with you? Why do I want I want?


Because I have so much to share.

Because I’m at my best.

Because I feel creatively expressed when I’m doing it.

Because I get to use what I learned and serve others.

Because I want to be of service.

Because nothing feels more authentic.

Because it’s in those moments…. my mind, body, and soul merge.

Because I love it. Because I am love in the midst of it.

Why do you want what you want? Look closely, be honest…surround your answers with kindness and compassion. They’re learning material not beating yourself up material. And softly and patiently, keep coming back to why, until it feels like home.

Because if you keep coming back to a healthy why…

You’ll build a healthy life….a love filled life.

Isn’t why a beautiful thing?

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